Kastoffs is a contemporary clothing company that designs and sells golf apparel, contemporary urban attire, and equipment to our customers.


The owner is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University Business Management School. He is passionate and has always known he wanted to be involved in the fashion industry. “ I developed an interest in fashion from my grandmother, a Sears seamstress. As a small boy, I watched her customize clothing for her clients, and as I watched, I thought that’s what I wanted to do. I want to design clothes.” Tye’s grandmother ignited his love for designing clothes, but his uncle unknowingly fostered his desire to create unique golf clothes. “ My Grandmother showed me what I wanted to do, while my uncle taught me where I wanted to do it, “ Tye said. “ I decided I wanted to design golf clothes by watching my uncle (an avid golfer) select the outfits he would wear to the golf course. I was fascinated by the bold colors he wore. I thought my uncle’s golf clothes were far more exciting than the clothes he wore every day, explains Tye. My fascination with golf clothes eventually led me to start designing clothes I thought would make a statement. Kastoff’s creates golf clothes that stand apart from traditional golf clothes. Kastoff’s designs allow people to express their style and individuality on and off the golf course.


Our mission: Design a clothing brand that provides a unique blend of distinct styles for people of all ages. We represent the modern-day genesis where being judged by what you wear is no longer as crucial as being ruled by who you are.


Kastoffs lives by the values of honesty, integrity, fun, innovation, and community.


To become a resource for the community by delivering the best golf apparel and supplies while creating good jobs.


Our long-term vision is to strengthen the community by operating the first black-owned golf store, which will create job opportunities and leave a positive footprint in the City of Detroit.